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Pre-Registration Message

Thank you for registering for the seventh annual Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon & Kinsel Ford 5K plus the ExxonMobil Heads or Tails Cycling Time Trial and the inaugural Strength & Fitness Challenge.  We look forward to seeing you on February 27th! Invite your friends and family.  Whether they participate or cheer you on, there is plenty of excitement and activity for everyone!

Packet Pickup: 

Beaumont Tennis Center
6475 College St.
Beaumont, TX 77707

Friday, February 26th - 11 am to 8 pm

You may have someone pick up your packet for you if you cannot make it.

If you are changing races, you will have to notify us at packet pickup to avoid errors in the results for others.  

Pre-Race Food


Race Day

First race starts at 7:30 am. Please show up early enough on race morning to park before the first race starts. Every participant must have a timing chip. In addition to providing your results, the chips help with safety in letting us know you have completed the race safely.  No dogs on the course.

5K runners follow the blue arrows

Half Marathon/ Marathon runners follow the pink arrows

Cyclists follow the green arrows

Half Marathoners and Marathoners use the outside lane on MLK (for those who have previously completed the Gusher, this is the normal lane you run in each year) and cyclists stay to the inside lanes.  There will be cones to separate the runners from cyclists on MLK.

Runners make sure your bib is clearly visible on the front of your shirt.  Your chip will need to be returned in the finish chute.  There will be volunteers in the finish to collect your chips.

Food for all finishers is provided by Chick-fil-A.  Water and beverages are provided by Southeast Texas Culligan Water and Giglio's Distributor 

Baggage check is provided courtesy of Ace Imagewear.  IAAP will be timing the event again this year.


MLK Parkway (Spur 380) will be closed to traffic.     

Most will be able to park in the south parking lot of the Lamar University Provost Umphrey Football Stadium/ Dauphine Athletic Complex.

Alternate parking is available on the LIT and Lamar University campuses.  All parking is within a quarter mile of the start.

After race  


After completing your race, enjoy the vendors, bands performing on stage, and other attractions.  There will be inflatables and other sources of entertainment for kids including Mr. White and his trailer full of challenging devices from slack lining and stilt walking to cycling and juggling.  There will be numerous food vendors so bring a few dollars especially for family and friends who are spectating.  Express Mart will have additional food for the runners and cyclists as well.  The Air Force has their large exhibit trailer on site with many activities.  This is just a sampling of what will be available race day!  

We always welcome hanging around and cheering for others as they cross the finish line and achieve their goals!  It is very inspiring to witness.  All runners and cyclists cherish and appreciate crowd support.

After race party

There will be an after party at Madison's on Dowlen Saturday evening.  In your race packet, there is a ticket for entry and event details.

Water Stations

Mile Marker         Water Station Location Sponsor/ Volunteers

1) 1 & 14 Rolfe Christopher St. on Lamar University campus Exxpress Mart

2) 2 & 15 University Dr. on Lamar University campus Kinsel Ford

3) 11 & 24 East Lavaca on Lamar University campus LIT 

4) 3,10,16,23 MLK near Souteast Texas Food Bank and Seaport Coffee Beta Alpha Psi/Gamma Sigma Sigma

5) 4,9,17,22 MLK after Washington before Irving overpass Wilson Chiropractic

6) 5 & 18 Franklin St. near the Art Studio Regency Healthcare

7) 6 & 19 Main St. in front of City Hall Wilson Chiropractic

8) 7 & 20 Pearl St. in front of Southeast Texas Foundation MADD

9) 8 & 21 Wall St. near St. Anthony's Cathedral Trinity Methodist

10) 12 & 25 University and Florida on Lamar University campus First Christian Church

11) 13 Montagne Center Parking lot near East Lavaca         Beaumont Bone & Joint

        3.1, 13.1, 26.2 Finish line and awards  Bronze Body  

Heads or Tails Cycling Time Trial

Tentative Category Start Times (these will be confirmed and posted this week once the chief official approves it)

Master's Men 35+ Cat 4/5 - 7:45 am

Master's Men 40+ Cat 1/2/3/4 - 810 am

Master's Men 50+ Cat 1/2/3/4 - 8:30 am

Master's Men 60+ Cat 1/2/3/4 - 8:50 am

Junior Men 10 - 18 Cat 4/5 9:00 am

Junior Men 9 - 14 Cat 4/5 9:05 am

Junior Women 10-18 9:10 am

Men Cat 3 - 9:15 am

Master's Women 40+ Cat 3/4- 9:30 am

Paralympic - 9:40 am

Open 10K - 9:50 am

Eddy Merckx - 10:15 am

Women Cat 4 - 10:30 am

Men Cat 5 - 10:40 am

Men Cat 4- 11:00 am 

This event is chip timed (the officials will manually time it for backup as well).  Return your chip at the finish line after your race.

The following is a description of the course.  Basically, it is an out and back course on Highway Spur 380/ MLK Jr. Pkwy.  It will be coned and you follow green arrows.  But, for those who like a few more details, they are as follows:

Start/ Lap/ Finish on the highway under the crosswalk to the Lamar University Montagne Center. One lap equals 10K. Four laps equals 40K. Start on the ramp in the center lane. Merge into the left lane when safe. Watch for cyclists starting next lap. There is plenty of time to merge. Once you cross under East Lavaca, runners will be in the outside lane - to your right. Cyclists will stay in the left lane. Once the barricade to your left ends, merge into the south bound inner most lane. 

At College/ Highway 90 (approximately three miles from the start), make a right at the wide sweeping U-turn. Move into the center lane and stay there. Runners will be to your left and eventually north bound cyclists will be to your right.

Upon returning to Lamar University, the center lane will become the left lane. Stay there. You will pass the start ramp to your right. Make a U-turn about a quarter mile past Virginia Ave. overpass at Alabama St. and return to the start line where you will pass the start ramp on your right. 

As you begin your next lap, stay in the far left lane as those starting have the center lane to pedal up to speed. Once you cross under East Lavaca, then all outbound cyclists will merge into the left lane with you until you mere once again into the southbound inner most lane. 

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Beaumont Kid's Marathon Club

There is still time to turn in the kid's marathon club logs.  Basically, kids under the age of 18 log 23 miles of activity and have a parent or teacher sign it.  The kids can run 23 miles or one hour of exercise/ activity such as dance or soccer practice counts for one mile or running.  The kids then complete the Kinsel Ford 5K at the Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon.  This gives them a marathon distance.  Every kid that completes this accomplishment will be awarded a Kids Marathon Medal at Ronald McDonald House Charities for Beaumont event at the end of March.

Results printed on back of finisher medal:

For those who want their results printed on the back of their medal but did not order it when registering, you can purchase that option here:

Every race tells a story…… let iTaB tell Yours!  Congratulations on your accomplishments at the Gusher Marathon 2016.  Your finishers medal is skillfully designed to include an iTaB engraved with your Name and Finishing Time.  Follow the link and fill in the details to be engraved and your iTaB will be mailed directly to you.   You’ve done the hard work now record your fantastic achievement on an iTaB.

Links for more information  This is our nonprofit website, which will take you to all of our events.

We also have a FAQ (frequently asked question) tab on our website if your question has not been answered here.

The Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon, & Kinsel Ford 5K and Time Warner Cable Heads or Tails Cycling TT is brought to you by the 501(c)3 nonprofit, Sports Society for American Health.  We are excited to welcome each of you to the 2015 event!

Have a great week,

Richard James III


Exygon & Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Exxpress Mart Half Marathon & Kinsel Ford 5K 2015 FAQ

Who are the race directors? How can I contact them?

Richard & Amie James are the race directors. Please email them at

Before the Race

Is there a host hotel?

Yes, MCM Elegante’ Hotel is the official host hotel.  They have shuttle service to the race but you need to call to make reservations.  It takes less than ten minutes to drive from the hotel to the race via the interstate. 


To reserve a room at the Gusher discount rate of $89 call the hotel directly at 409-842-3600 or 877-842-3606. 


When and where is packet pickup?

Friday, February 26th - 11 am to 8 pm


Can I still register?

Yes, registration is open through February 26th.  On February 26th, you can register in person at packet pickup.  Register by February 4th to have your bib customized with your name.  There is no race day registration.

Is there a pre-race dinner?


Where is parking race day?

There are parking maps online on our website.  There is plenty of parking near the start.  The football stadium parking lot on MLK is within a block of the start line.  Alternate parking is available at LIT on East Lavaca and anywhere on Lamar University’s campus.


1) For those traveling east toward Port Arthur on Highway 69, exit MLK and loop under the highway and proceed to Rolfe Christopher.
2) Alternate parking at the LIT campus.  Take Highland to East Lavaca.
3) For those traveling west from Port Arthur/ mid county toward Beaumont on Highway 69, the MLK exit will be closed.  Take the Highland exit and loop under the highway, travel to MLK and loop under the highway once more to proceed to Rolfe Christopher.

When does the event start?

The marathon and half marathon begin at 7:30am. The start line will close at 7:50 am and you may not be able to start late. The 5k starts at 8:00am.


What do I need to do before the race?

Attach your bib, pick up your timing chip, take care of any personal needs, check your baggage if you have any, and line up.

Where is bag check?

Ace Imagewear will provide baggage check via a company truck in the Montagne Center parking lot.

Where can I get a drink/snack before the race?

There will be several food vendors in the Montagne Center parking lot vendor area, which is near the start line. There will be food vendors or food trucks selling additional food and drinks.

Where can I warm up and stretch?

Exygon will lead a warm up from the stage at around 7:00am. Runners are welcome to run on the course to warm up as it is closed to traffic. 

Is there a map of the route for us to review?

There is a blown-up version of the course map available.  Course maps are also posted on the website and on Facebook at

Cheering Sections?

Anywhere along the route is open to cheering.  The areas with the most people will be in downtown Beaumont between City Hall and Crockett Street and around Lamar University and the Montagne Center.  However, you are welcome to park anywhere near the course route and then walk along the course to cheer.  The police will not permit any vehicular traffic onto the race course.

Can I volunteer?

Yes, there are volunteer positions available.  There is no such thing as too many volunteers to support the runners and walkers.  Contact if you wish to volunteer or stop by our Volunteer Check-in/ Information tent in the Montagne Center Parking lot near the race start to volunteer.  We appreciate any amount of time you can give.

To simplify signing up for volunteer positions, we are using Signup Genius.  Go to the following link to signup:

It is very simple to use. 

1) Click the link and it will take you to a list of most of our volunteer position needs.  

2) Click on each signup checkbox of a position or time you can work.

3) After selecting all the positions you wish, click the "Submit and Signup" button at the bottom of the page.

4) This takes you to the next page where it shows the roles for which you volunteered.  Here you can make comments next to each position.  Then, enter your name and email.  Submit the form by clicking "Signup Now".

5) Done!

Where should I line up on race day?

Slower runners and walkers go to the back and should cross the start line last.  This will not effect your time as your chip does not activate until you cross the starting mat.  This progresses in an orderly manner until the faster runners are lined up in the front of the pack.  Please do not line up at the front if you are slower than a 6:00 mile pace as it presents a danger to you and other runners.

Where do I wear my race bib number?

Wear your bib on the front of your shirt with either safety pins or secured on a racing belt.  We want it nice and visible for the timing company and the event photographer.


What is the Kid’s Marathon Club?

For kids 18 and under, see the section on the Kid’s Marathon Club at the end.


What are teams?

Team Structure for 2016 Gusher Marathon

You can register a 5K team or a half marathon team.  Everyone on the team must run the same distance.  For instance, all 5K team members run the 5K race with everyone at the same time.  This will give each runner a 5K result and a team result. A team consists of 5 members each running the 5K.  Half marathon teams have 3 members.  Team awards are based on the sum of the team's age graded times. Age grading is a process that adjusts a person's time based on age and sex. This way a team will not be disadvantaged for having older members. Team members are also eligible for individual 5K Awards.  Register your company, organization, or fun team today. 


During the Race

Do I have to run to participate?

No.  Walkers are welcome and encouraged on the course.  Each year there are hundreds of walkers. 

Can a group of us run or walk together?

Yes, but please keep it no more than two to three people side-by-side (depending on the width of the road) so faster runners trying to make a personal time goal can easily maneuver around you and your group.  Faster runners always take the most direct line and fastest lane.  Please be predictable in your running or walking line.

Can I stop or walk at a water station?

Yes, but please be mindful of who is running behind you.  Move away from the running and walking traffic behind you and please don't crowd the water station table so that those running through can easily grab hydration and keep going.

How long will the course be open?

The course will be open for 6 hours, which allows for approximately 14:00 minute miles on the marathon course.


Is there a SAG wagon?

Yes, we will have support along the route for anyone unable to finish.


Are strollers and dogs allowed on the course?

Yes to strollers but please start near the back so as not to interfere with other runners and do not walk two or three abreast when the road narrows and impede others from passing.  No to dogs.  Unfortunately in a race this size, they create a safety hazard and potential obstacle to other runners.


Are headphones allowed on the course?

Yes.  Please wear your headphones responsibly and be mindful of faster runners passing you.

Where is medical support?

The primary medical station will be at the Montagne Center. Four ambulances will be available along the course. A medical station will be set up on Crockett Street.


Where are the port-a-potties?

There is a bank of port-a-potties in the Montagne Center parking lot. There will be two port-a-potties at each mile along the course.

How many water stations? Where will there be?

11 official water stations, plus a few unofficial

What do they have at the water stations?

Water, Sports Drink, Clif Shots, fruit, other snacks

After the Race

What will they have at the finish line?

Giglio Distributing will provide beverages including Miller 64 and Red Bull.

Culligan Water will provide water.

Chick-fil-A will provide a variety of items from their menu.

Various community groups will sell food to raise money for their groups.

Various food vendors will provide several options.

Live music, inflatables and other entertainment will also be available.

Where can I meet my party when I am done racing?

We suggest you pick one of our great vendor booths as your meeting spot. Your party is also encouraged to stand along the route and cheer you (and other runners) on!

Can I leave as soon as my race is finished?

Absolutely, but you will miss the joy of cheering other runners in.  It's quite an accomplishment to the marathoner that has struggled so long to finish his or her race and your cheering is always appreciated. Don’t forget to pick up your award if you placed in your age group!

When will results be available? Where?

Results will be available by the stage and will be provided as soon as the top finishers in each age group have completed the race. Awards will be handed out as the results for each age group are completed.

Who gets an award?

Medals (Gold, Silver, and Bronze) are given to the overall male and female winner in each race category three places deep i.e. 1st, 2nd and 3rd.  These people are no longer contenders in the age group categories.  Age group categories are awarded three places deep.  The top teams receive medals as well.

Who gets a finisher’s medal?

Medals are for 5K, half marathon and marathon finishers.  Therefore, every finisher receives a medal!

Will there be pictures available for purchase?

Yes.  Go to for your special day shots.


Is there an after party?

Absolutely!  We're encouraging everyone to come to Madisons on Dowlen that evening for post racing fellowship.  Wear your medals and even your race bibs if you'd like.   There will be live entertainment.



4020 Dowlen Road

 Beaumont, TX 77706

 (409) 924-9777

Is it okay to visit a sponsor business and say thank you for supporting this event?

Please!  It helps us recruit their support for next year.  They also love to hear from you.


Exygon & Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Half Marathon and Kinsel Ford 5K

Ronald McDonald House Charities of Beaumont

Kid’s Marathon Club

Since 2011, kids in the Golden Triangle area and beyond have been participating in the Gusher Kids’ Marathon Club. What is the Gusher Kids’ Marathon Club? It’s an opportunity for anyone under 18 to become a marathon finisher.

What do you need to do? It’s simple. Have your parent or guardian read the Kids’ Club packet at Ask your parent or another family member to go walk or run with you a few times a week. Every time you complete a mile, log it in. When you get to 23 miles, turn your log into the adult that introduced you to the program (school teacher, parent, family friend).  Adults can submit the log via mail, dropping it off at packet pick up, or to our email  We aren’t picky about whether or not you use our log or simply type it in an email and send it in as long as we have the KMC participant’s name, a parent/guardian’s name and contact info, age, grade and school.  Miles can also be accumulated in PE, at dance class or any other form of physical activity.  One hour of activity is equal to one mile. On February 27, 2016, you’ll participate in the Exygon and Baptist Hospitals Gusher Marathon, Half Marathon & Kinsel Ford 5K. You can do any portion of the race you wish, but you must complete at least the 5K. A registration form is attached with information regarding the cost of the race, location, etc.





It’s that simple!

Club participation will help develop healthy exercise habits that we hope will continue into adulthood. Running is a sport you can participate in anywhere, anytime. As long as you have proper shoes, pavement, or a treadmill, you have all the tools you need to become a lifelong runner.  You do not have to be a runner to participate.  Walking is a great way to finish a 5K and lots of people register and walk.

Kids’ Marathon Club participants, like we hope you will become, are ambassadors of a healthy lifestyle to their friends and family. Can you think of someone in your life that could use some inspiration and motivation? It’s amazing to think how exercising a few times a week can lead to healthy changes throughout your whole family! You have the ability to be a hero for yourself, your family, your friends, and your community. I hope our Kids’ Marathon Club is your first step on your journey to change the world!!

Call Lisa Revia at (409) 782-6017 or email at with any questions.  

Be sure to join our Kids Marathon Club Facebook Group page for details on the awards ceremony!